Institutional development focuses on strengthening Tandaza Trust to become a sustainable organization. This is achieved through;

  • Training for staff team to professionally enhance their capacity to carry out their work more efficiently.

  • Developing and improving the organization’s policies to provide proper guidelines on how Tandaza Trust work is conducted.

  • Strategic planning to provide the organization with direction for current and future activities.

Our stories

Susan's Story

Susan’s story: Susan(not her real name) joined our rehabilitation centre early in 2016 together with her son .During her stay at the centre; she underwent intensive counseling and vocational training. After a period of one year, Susan has managed to leave the streets and is now living on her own. With support from Tandaza Trust, she opened her own business and now manages to pay her own rent, take her son to school and pay her bills. Tandaza Trust continues to follow up on her and she is doing well.

Success in table banking​

Tandaza Trust has three table banking groups which have been running successfully and members in the groups have saved up and started small business within their communities. We are looking to start more table banking groups as we have seen how they benefit the men and women we work with. In the year 2018, 5 beneficiaries have been able to start their own businesses though this initiative.